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When it comes to Korean men’s hairstyles, Koreans are most innovative in terms of playing with texture, length and color. They don’t shy away from full-bodied hair textures and edgier looks.

You can also broadly categorize Korean men’s hairstyles into either very textured and tousled, or sleek, sharp and streamlined. There’s rarely a middle ground!

Keep in mind though, that most of these looks can be customized to suit your own sense of style and personality. Your hairstylist is key in making sure that you’re wearing your hairstyle, not the other way around.

Here are a few of the more wearable looks:


1. Two-Block Haircut

Sides and back are shaved or cut very short – basically an updated and more stylish version of the undercut. The crown is longer, creating a two-block effect. This look allows for versatility in how you want to style it. 

You can keep the fringe straight, slicked back, or curled. It’s popular for a reason: this look suits most guys’ face shapes and personal styles.

Suitable for: most hair types and textures

2. Riding the wave: Perms

Nope, perming your hair is not just for the ladies. The boys of K-Pop often show us the way when it comes to re-imagining men’s hairstyles. 

Medium length hair with a wavy perm is a popular look. This look is also easier than it seems to maintain and allows room for different ways of styling. Playing with texture is a great way of changing up classic hairstyles. 

Suitable for: those who want to add volume to thinning hair, or want to create a slimming effect.

3. Long Hair

You may be surprised at how you’re able to carry off long hair. Long hair doesn’t have to be messy or fussy – in fact, it can be an easy way to maintain a sleek look. 

Suitable for: Anyone who’s willing to try it (and whose jobs allow them to!) – long hair is actually very versatile.

4. Faux Hawk

Shaved sides with longer hair on the crown – this doesn’t have to be an extreme look. What makes it a ‘faux’ hawk instead of a mohawk is the length of the hair on top. 

While few people can probably stomach the full mohawk, depending on how you style this, the faux hawk is a lot more wearable. 

Style it up for a night out; slick it back for a more professional look. 

4. Ways To Part

Playing with your parting, whether a side part or center part – is an easy way to update your Korean hairstyle. This side parted look is great for those with thinner hair – volume is creating with the quiff on the top, while the sides are slicked down.

Remember the 90’s center part trend? Well, it’s back now. Keep it looking fresh by pairing it with some colour. Granted, not everyone can wear blue hair to work, but you can consider adding color from highlights to browns to update this classic look.

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