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If you’re used to having long hair, you may find that your short hair may require a different hair care routine than before.

Here are some ways you may find yourself having to switch up your hair care routine:

1. You may not need a comb

… because short hair doesn’t need to be brushed as often as long hair. Using your fingers to comb through your hair is often enough, as short hair is less likely to get tangled than long hair.
Using your fingers also creates a more natural look when styling, for example, when you’re trying to create volume at the roots. A brush may still be a useful tool, though. Consider investing in a small bristle brush, which can be useful when blow drying to create a smooth finish.
For thinner hair, create texture by avoiding brushes altogether and simply manipulate with your fingertips.

2. Reduce your use of heated products

Because any damaged hair can be a lot more obvious in short hair styles. Discuss with your stylist about a style that doesn’t require a straightener; ask them to work with your natural hair texture. 
This is extra important if you want to colour your hair at the same time, as damaged hair doesn’t retain colour as well as healthy hair.

3. Tame volume with products

A shorter cut can bring out the natural volume in your hair, so investing in products to add texture and hold is key. Short hair requires structure, so getting the right product to style it is essential.
Look for texturizing hair products; our stylists will be more than happy to recommend some for you. Dry matte paste products for shorter hair gives hold and texture whilst for slightly longer hair types a mousse or soft paste can give you a flexible hold.

4. You may need to come back to the salon more often

Maintaining the shape of your hair by heading to the hair salon every 4-6 weeks, depending on your look. Keep in mind your hair usually grows about half an inch per month – so for those used to only popping by the salon twice a year, this can be quite a big change!
Short hair is all about getting the structure, length and thickness right for your face shape is key – your stylist will know what to do to bring out your best features. We will always have a conversation with you to decide what’s best, and what you’re comfortable with before proceeding. 

However, those with less blunt styles can get away with less frequent trips to the hair salon.  

5. Wash your hair daily

…Or at the very least, every other day. Shorter hairstyles require more washing than longer ones, because they can become oily more quickly.
Short hair picks up the oil from the scalp and shows more easily than long hair; although this may also vary according to the condition of your scalp.
To combat any dryness from daily shampooing, try investing in a moisturising masque to help to combat any dryness.

To add shine and gloss to short hair, finish off your shower with a blast of cold water. This can help to close the cuticles caused by hot water during the hair wash, soothing any splintered cuticles or heat damage. Just 5 seconds is enough to do the trick.

Curious to know how short hair will look on you? Ready for a bold new style? Visit us today or call us to make your appointment now.

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