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Can you save my hair?

We often get requests from customers to fix hair that has been damaged, or cut in a way that was unsatisfactory for them. Sometimes it’s hair that has been chemically over-processed, or maybe it’s been cut unevenly. 

Usually, we recommend that customers come in for an appointment so that we can look at the hair in person, to see if we are able to salvage it.

My hair was fried by a chemical process. What do I do now?

Usually we would recommend one of our treatments to rescue over-processed hair. While your hair will not look 100% the way it was, we can probably restore it to at least 30% or 40% of its original health. However, we will have to assess it in person to give you a true recommendation. If it’s not salvageable in its original style, we may be able to cut your hair so that it looks healthier and more flattering for you. 

Can you correct the colours of my hair? 

Again, it depends. If the problem is that you are not satisfied with the hair colour (for example, it has turned out looking too yellow), we may be able to alter it depending on your hair texture and strength. If it’s already too weak or damaged, your hair may not be able to withstand additional bleaching or chemical processes. In which case, we may recommend a hair treatment like reconstructing treatment (Olaplex) to nurture it to health before further altering the colour.

My hair looks so uneven! My bangs are too short! Can you help?

We believe that there’s always a way to turn an unsatisfactory hair cut around. So if it looks uneven or choppy, one of our stylists may be able to modify it for you. However, if the problem is too-short layers or bangs, sometimes the only solution is – you guessed it – time. We may be able to recommend styling tips for you though!

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