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Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons. Women lose hair for many reasons, some hormonal, others due to lifestyle factors and even daily hair care habits.

One in five women experience hair thinning, and some can start to notice this between age 25 and 35. Women suffer from thinning hair differently than men, often losing hair in a more dispersed fashion rather than in patches. You may also notice some ‘baby hair’, which is actually hair follicles that have stopped growing beyond a certain height, especially at the hairline.

Taking care of your hair

From shampoo to conditioner to scalp treatments, there are a myriad of ways to encourage hair growth and to strengthen your existing hair. Adding moisture to your hair to strengthen it and give it more body is key. Making sure that your scalp stays moisturized will not only reduce flakiness, but reduce hair loss or slow thinning hair.

Meanwhile, here are some hairstyles that look good on you, if you’re experiencing thinning hair:

1. The Short Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles hide hair loss

Want something fuss free? Try the bob. It’s a perfect option for those who want to go short but don’t want a pixie cut just yet. It’s a face framing look that can also frame the face in a flattering way. Bobs are simple to maintain and is a style that’s easy to make fuller; this can help to camouflage any thinning spots. By using a little product, and blowing it out properly with a rounded brush, hair will look thicker and more voluminous. 

Bobs are also versatile, and can be either blunt and layered. The blunt look is edgier and will make you look more fashionable; the layered option is softer and adds volume. Choppy pixie or choppy bob haircuts can help thin hair look thicker with beachy waves;  go sans bangs, side bangs, or blunt bangs to stay edgy.

2. The Mid-Length Edgy Blunt Cut

For those who prefer longer tresses, try the mid-length angled blunt cut also known as the slope. It’s angled because it’s longer in the front and about mid-neck or shoulder-length in the back; the angled blunt cut helps add volume to thinning hair. Keep your hair at mid-length to minimize the appearance of thinning spots. This look is suited for those who aren’t a big fan of curls – it requires less maintenance and has been worn by many celebritiess like Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightley. 

3. Play with your bangs and parting

There are ways to hide thinning hair without changing up your look too drastically – bangs and changing up your part are two of them. A bonus of bangs is that it helps conceal hair loss. Though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, bangs are actually flattering for lots of face shapes and hair types; bangs can highlight your eyes and cover up your forehead, hiding any thinning hair along the hairline in the process. Bangs can also sharpen or soften your look depending on the hairstyle you choose. Blunt, straight bangs are on trend in 2019, especially when paired with an all-round blunt cut. 

Changing up your part by parting on the left instead of the right, or parting in the middle, can actually help to relieve any thinning from constantly tugging on your hair in a certain direction, which is known as traction alopecia. Though it may take some getting used to, it’s a great and easy way to hide thinning at the hair line.

Need more in-depth consultation regarding styling thinning hair, or looking for scalp treatments?

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