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Maybe you’ve already tried that pink or purple hair, and you’re tired of it. No fear – there are always new colors to try, and new ways of coloring your hair, sometimes without bleaching your entire head of hair.The trends this year are fresh takes on classics.

You may also want to read our post on our best hair dyeing tips to prep your hair and to take care of your hair properly to make sure your colour lasts. Here are some of the best hair dye ideas in 2019: 

Say bye (for now) to pastels, and hi to bold colours

While candy tones took over in the past few years, and lavenders, pale greens, soft pinks were all the rage, it’s time for bold colors to make a comeback.

We’ll be able to customize a shade that works uniquely for your skin tone – so while pictures are used for inspiration, the exact effect we achieve in the end may still vary!

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Two-toned trend

Blending darker and light shades of the same colour will allow for depth and dynamism. 

This creates an interesting effect where you can showcase the various tones that a colour can create.

Subtlety and Illusion

Another theme of the year is creating subtle tones that look different under various conditions and lighting. The way you style your hair will determine the colours you choose to show that day.

Intense cobalt blue & peacock green (photo credit: Pinterest)
Ultraviolet hues, with subtle highlights threaded throughout to create that illusory effect.  (photo credit: Wella Professionals)

It’s a sophisticated look that can be as subtle or as eye catching as you want.

Trends come and go, but your personal style can be timeless and classic. Ultimately, as long as you have fun with the colour you’re wearing, and love how it looks on you, trends are just here for inspiration. We hope you’ve been inspired by some of these hair dye ideas!

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