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We believe in being as transparent as possible, especially because we know you’re spending good money on your hair!

Here are some trade ‘secrets’ that may be helpful for you to know:

Here are some trade ‘secrets’ that may be helpful for you to know:

1. You don’t have to wash your hair before you come in

That’s because we’ll always wash your hair before we do anything to it. Coming in with hair that’s been unwashed for a day or two gives the stylist a chance to see your hair in its natural state. In fact, leaving two days without washing your hair prior to coming in for a colouring session can actually be helpful. 

2. You don’t need to buy matching shampoo and conditioner

It’s okay to mix and match to suit your hair needs. Just be sure to be consistent when it comes to certain ingredients. E.g. if you are using sulphate-free products, make sure both the conditioner and shampoo are sulphate free.

It’s fine to bring a picture, but it’s also good to be realistic

A picture is always helpful and is a great reference point for what you like – but sometimes, a look may not be achievable or will just not turn out the same way because of different hair texture, type, head and face shape. We will do our best to explain to you how we could possibly adapt a style to suit you, but it will most likely not look 100% like the picture you brought in! 

4. It’s okay to tell us you don’t like your new hair

We will always do whatever we can to make sure your hair is done to your satisfaction, so if you don’t like the end result, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Don’t need to feel awkward or weird about it, we’re professionals and our aim is to make sure you’re happy with your hair. 

5. A salon blow dry is always worth the money

A home blow-dry will never achieve the same effect, especially for the back of your head. You can definitely maximize your experience though, and here’s a post that shares some tips on how to get that great home blow-dry. But that professional finish can never be re-created at home. So if you want to look flawless for that special event or meeting, a salon blow-dry is irreplaceable. 

Every salon experience should be relaxing and carefree – arming yourself with knowledge helps you to prepare yourself for your visit. Any other doubts or queries on your mind? Feel free to reach out or drop us a message on any of our social media channels!

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