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Hair loss is a common problem that our customers come to us with. Luckily, there are always ways to prevent or minimize hair loss – here are some common reasons that cause hair loss and some solutions to turn it around.

Here are some ways you may find yourself having to switch up your hair care routine:

1. Over-using heat tools

A common culprit, especially with the increase in the variety of tools available now. Hot styling tools, such as your hairdryer, curling wand and straighteners, can make your hair dry, prone to breakage and consequently more likely to fall out. When too much strong, dry heat is applied to the hair it will weaken the hair shaft and, at its worst, it can burn the hair off.

Solution: Use tools that allow you to adjust heat levels

Using hair tools, such as the GlamPalm, that allow you to adjust the temperature could be helpful. This allows you to turn the heat down so you don’t accidentally cause damage to your hair. This will cause less stress to the hair shaft. Using the attachment that comes with your hairdryer can also help to dry hair more quickly, thus cutting down the exposure time to heat.

2. Over-dyeing

In general, When hair is overprocessed, the chance of breakage increases due to damage by chemicals. This causes the hair to completely lose its elasticity. A good technician will know how to gauge whether your hair can stand up to more chemical processing. Solution: Go natural! Just like how we need a holiday from time to time, taking a break from dyeing or styling for a month or so may be beneficial. This will allow you to to see if these processes are the main cause of your hair loss. Pamper your hair with treatments in the mean time to strengthen and replenish the hair shaft.

3. How often you brush your hair

Long-haired ladies: make sure to brush your hair enough. Brushing your hair allows hair that has reached its max growth to fall out, stimulates hair growth and encourages new ones to grow out. We lose around 120 strands of hair a day; each strand of hair has about a 7 year life span.

Solution: Brush daily with a soft bristled brush

Using a good brush helps to stimulate the scalp, which encourages healthy hair growth. However, don’t do it while it’s still dripping wet, as that’s when hair is most fragile. When wet, first spray on some detangler, and then use a wide-tooth comb to minimise breakage. When dry, brushing twice a day is ideal: once in the morning, and then once at night. Short hair doesn’t require as much brushing: depending on how short your hair is, finger combing may be enough.

4. How you wear your hair

Ever heard of traction alopecia? If you constantly tie your hair up tightly, you could be damaging your locks. Pulling your hair back everyday may also be making hair loss around your crown and temples more noticeable. Hair extensions could also harm your hair in this way. Excess tension pulling on the hair shaft leads to traction alopecia, which is basically slowly pulling your hair out due to the force exerted.

Solution: Change up your style

Alternate how you tie your hair – tying your hair up a day here or there is not likely to cause hair loss. Traction alopecia is usually due to tying your hair a certain way for years on end. Combat this by changing from a high ponytail to a low one. You can also part your hair differently and consider styles that allow you to wear your hair down more regularly.

5. Lifestyle & physiological factors

Too much stress or traumatic experiences could lead to hair loss. Cortiosl, linked to the fight-or-flight response, could distort your natural hair cycle of growth and loss. Thinning hair can also be a sign of Vitamin D and B12 deficiency or a lack of protein in your diet. Pregnancy and other hormonal changes, like during menopause, can also cause changes to hair and skin.

Solution: Consult a doctor and make lifestyle changes

Avoiding deep fried foods, including more protein and iron in your diet can help to speed up hair regrowth. Of course, consult your doctor before adding any supplements! Fish oils may also be beneficial.

At Hairloom, we care about the health of your hair. For more insight into how to restore health and shine to your mane, or to create a flattering look for your hair texture and lifestyle, make an appointment with us today.

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