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Are you a busy girl leading a hectic life, who still takes care of herself, inside and out? (That’s basically all of us!) Not all beauty rituals are time-consuming, luckily. With these hacks, you can take care of your hair, while changing up your look at the same time.

1 Cut down hair drying times with a t-shirt

Want your hair to dry faster? You don’t need an expensive hair turban (although some do swear by it – microfiber does absorb moisture quicker than your conventional towel). All you need is a good old cotton t-shirt. So don’t be too quick to throw out your ratty t-shirt from your secondary school days – it will come in handy for the times you’re looking to dry your hair quick!

So why a cotton t-shirt? When hair is wet, it becomes weaker and softer. A regular towel is usually rough and messes up the cuticles of your hair, leaving it frizzy. On top of that, towels absorb all the moisture from our hair, when what we want to do is absorb the excess water without stripping it of the moisture that helps the hair from becoming frizzy.

A t-shirt does the job of absorbing excess water while preventing frizz. The fibers in a cotton tee allows water to sink in and slides over the hair instead of roughing it up.


STEP 1: After washing your hair, take a cotton tee and use it to gently wring out any excess water. Then, gather your hair and wrap the T-shirt around it and gently squeeze to sop up the water.
STEP 2: Flip your hair over upside down and pull your hair through the opening of your T-shirt so that the opening stretches around your hairline.
STEP 3: Twist the T-shirt until you reach the end and tuck it underneath the opening at the nape of your neck.
STEP 4: Leave the T-shirt on for 10-15 minutes, undo and style as usual.

(info adapted from here.)

2 The longer, fuller ponytail

We love this tip found on Pinterest for a longer, fuller ponytail. This is an especially great tip for those with thicker hair, as it helps to disperse the weight of your hair into two ponytails, reducing the chance of traction alopecia (hair loss that can happen when you pull your hair back too often).

Plus, this only takes a minute to do – perfect for busy girls who want a quick update to their locks with minimal effort. All you need is two hair elastic bands!


3 Wavy hair in a fraction of the time

For those who love wavy hair, but don’t have time to individually flat-iron every single wave, here’s a hack that can cut down on flat-iron time (and minimize damage to your hair at the same time!) Especially if you have nifty hair braiding skills.

Fine, you still need a good 20-30 minutes or so, but a lot less than the 45-50 mins you may need for the regular flat-iron wave project you may have on your hands.

First, separate your hair into 6 sections. The larger the braid, the larger the wave. If you’re looking for a big hair look and left your crimper in the 80s, try this same method with a bunch of small braids.

Next, braid! Then take your flat iron and iron the braids one by one. It’s crucial that you start all the way at the top of the braid, and hold in place for about 10 seconds.

The result: beachy waves!


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