This time of the year, we’re always wishing we’re at the New York Fashion Week instead (or Paris, or Milan, or London…) But while we put on our positive thinking caps, and keep on wishing (2014, pretty please?) there’s always the internet to satisfy our appetites!

In the midst of style-stalking all our favorite designers and models, we haven’t forgotten about you, dear readers: we’ve also scoured the latest shows for the 3 hottest hair trends on the runways from Spring/Summer 2014 RTW for you!

1. Structured Ease

S/S ’14 is all about being free and easy, there’s a sense of relaxed chic that’s kept modern and neat with just the barest amount of product to keep hair from getting out of control.

Left two: Diane Von Furstenberg, Right two: Alexander Wang (source:

At the Derek Lam, DVF and Alexander Wang shows, hair was kept loose and wavy, with an emphasis on natural beauty – minimal fuss and even less styling.


Au naturel doesn’t mean no fuss at all though – in fact, effort must still be put into hair maintenance. Going for regular hair treatments, not exposing your hair too often to the harsh elements or chemical treatments will ensure smooth, glossy hair for the best effect.

As for the loose waves, flour perm/digital perm is used to achieve the look. Each treatment will take from 2 – 6 hours, depending on hair length and type.

2. Partings are (not) hard to do

It’s all about the partings – center or to the side, it’s up to you. But it’s slicked down, just-barely precise and edgy – definitely no haphazardness here.

Altuzarra & Helmut Lang (source:


Using a fine-toothed comb, carefully part hair. Following the natural hairline or crown line will make it an easier and more natural parting. For a more severe look, go for the centre parting. Slick hair back behind the ears to keep the look clean, concise and sharp. A flatiron is required to achieve the glossy smooth, not-a-hair-out-of-place look. Use a peanut-sized amount of gel to keep hair in place.

3. The Wet Look

Hair is glossy and slick, but it’s not neatly arranged. In fact, it’s kind of like bedhead on steroids. We are quite enchanted by the image of a sea-swept mermaid, as Paul Hanlon, the lead stylist at the 3.1 Philip Lim show put it:

“I wanted it to look a little bit shipwrecked, a little bit Robinson Crusoe—like a girl that has been washed ashore. She wouldn’t have a comb, she wouldn’t have a brush, she wouldn’t have a hair band. And the back has this slightly dreadlock-y, crustaceous [feeling].”

3.1 Philip Lim (source:


The question is, how do you do it without looking like you’ve been drenched in the rain? It’s about picking the right product, and making sure your outfit looks sharp, structured and put-together.

Rebecca Lim on the cover of September’s Elle Magazine demonstrates this look well here – it’s more wearable and less gritty than the Philip Lim look above, and is suitable for a glam night out:



To achieve this look, day-old unwashed hair would be preferred. Depending on hair length, use two to three peanut-sized amount of gel to slick down your hair style as preferred – amount of grungy/messiness is up to you. (Click here for the full article on how the look was achieved!) The runway look goes to the extreme with tons of product, but you can keep it wearable by easing up on the gel.

Remember to use a clarifying shampoo when washing your hair at the end of the day – Frederic Fekkai and Tresemme have some great clarifying shampoo options – as it will make sure your scalp doesn’t get too clogged up with product, or you might wind up with greasy hair the next day.


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