colorbutterfaq What is Color Butter? Is a hair treatment or a dye? It’s a treatment tint that helps maintain your color. It dyes your hair and treats it at the same time. Can I apply it on my scalp? We advise against applying to your scalp. The treatment ingredients for your hair may be too rich for your scalp. How long does the color last on my hair? It depends on the intensity of the color applied. It can last a good 3 weeks for richer colors. I have black hair. Can I use any of the Color Butter shades? The color that can be achieved depends on the level your hair is lightened to. Please refer to the color chart here. How long should I leave Color Butter on my hair? 10 minutes – 20 minutes is fine. But avoid leaving it overnight. I have very dry hair. Will Color Butter damage my hair even more? No. Color Butter is a hair treatment, so your hair will benefit from it! Can Color Butter cover up my white hair? Yes, grey and white hair can easily be covered up by any color you choose to apply. My hand was stained with Color Butter. Can it be washed off? Yes, with shampoo. You may also want to wear a glove before applying Color Butter for intensive coloring. I would like to customize my Color Butter. Is it possible? Yes, you may in fact ask for customized color. You may always walk in to Hairloom, our official hair partner salon, to show them your hair color. They will customize a color for you based on your current hair color. How much should I use on my hair hair, based on short, medium and long lengths? An even spread on your hair is good enough. Any excess butter will be wasted and will not have an additional coloring effect. How should I protect my skin from being stained by Color Butter, as I want to color my fringe? You may apply some vaseline on your skin before starting. Will it stain my bathroom? Depending on the color intensity, there may be some temporary stains. But it can be washed away easily. What is the best way to apply Color Butter on my hair, when wet or totally dry? Semi-wet is good for an even distribution on your hair. Dry hair tends to require more butter. If my hair is wet, will the color be affected? No, however, if it is too wet the water might dilute the butter. We advise toweling dry your hair before application.