Wondering if you should update your hairstyle for Chinese New Year? Or simply considering a new look in 2019? No matter what you decide, know that healthy hair is always on trend, year-round.

To achieve healthy hair, a combination of diet, lifestyle, and haircare practices work together to impact the texture and quality of your hair (on top of genetic factors, of course). Getting regular hair treatments is a vital component of good haircare practices. At Hairloom, we recommend hair treatments to customers based on the condition of their scalp, as well as hair type and textures. For example, some have oilier scalp (which can actually be a sign of dryness), while others have brittle or overly processed hair; different treatments target different areas. 

Ideally, getting a hair treatment done every 1 to 3 months will help to maintain the strength and texture of your hair. It’s an investment that goes a long way because the health of your hair accentuates any style or colour that you want to pull off. Without smooth and shiny hair, a style can look a little lacklustre, and may not reflect the end result you desire.

Here are the treatments that we strongly recommend in 2019: 

Intensive Hair Treatment

We recently upgraded our intensive hair treatment in late 2018. This 5-step treatment rebuilds hair from the inside out, infusing the hair shaft with 6 different forms of Keratin and nutrients.

This treatment is for you if: you have dry, damaged, brittle, or lacklustre hair. For many of us in Singapore, our weather is often a contributing factor to the state of our hair. For example, many people tend to chemically process or use heating tools on their hair in order to combat humidity-induced frizziness. This often damages the hair in the long-term. If you’re hoping to bring shine and smoothness back to your hair, this may be your best option.

Scalp Treatment

Who is it for? Anyone facing hair loss, dandruff, an imbalance in the sebum level of the scalp (too dry/too oily), red or sensitive skin and damaged hair; this is the one that we recommend highly. The fact is, a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair, yet is often overlooked.

A relaxing and soothing process, it involves 100% painless peeling and scaling of the scalp, followed by shampooing and infusion of hair tonic with the help of a specialized machine. Definitely a very pleasant and spa-like experience. Specially sourced from Italy, the hair product – Exence (Revivre) – itself is completely free from pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers, and is pure and organic, which is something that you don’t often find at most commercial salons!

Reconstructing Treatment

This treatment is for you if: you love to have fun with your hair – from crazy colours to perms, you want to try it all – but want to keep your hair strong and healthy at the same time. Marketed as ‘Insurance for Your Hair’, our Reconstructing Treatment uses the product Olaplex. Developed by scientists, it’s specially formulated to multiply hair bonds and cross-link broken bonds. As a chemical, it’s free of silicone or oils, and is perfectly safe for hair. By linking broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services (perm, bleaching, colouring), Restructuring Treatment makes your hair even stronger than it was before.

Keratin Hair Treatment

hair treatment and rebounding in singapore

Who is this for? For those with weak, easy-to-break hair. Keratin is a protein that naturally occurs in your hair and will thus be able to strengthen the hair shaft. This hair treatment seals more of the protein into your hair, tames frizziness and makes your hair more resilient in general. Keratin treatment has a long-lasting effect, which some may confuse with rebonding. Here’s a more in-depth explanation of the difference between the two

03 Hair Treatment

Who is this for? This is the simplest treatment that locks in moisture for your hair, especially for those with colored hair. O3 – or ozone – treatment helps to form a layer of protective protein around your hair shaft. By oxidizing your hair shaft, it helps your hair become softer, smoother and minimizes frizziness. It will also not interfere with your hair color, and might even make your dye job last longer, as the protein helps to form a stronger bond between the dye and your hair.

Are you ready for your best hair ever in 2019? Scheduling regular hair treatments are a great way to start. To find out which treatment best suits your needs, give us a call at 6295 2088 or pop by for a free consultation today. 

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hair treatment and rebounding in singapore
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