Calvin Gan

Creative Director


Trained in the Vidal Sassoon cutting technique, his precise, clean and creative style is one of the best kept secrets in the salon scene in Singapore.

Terence Lai



I believe that being creative is also about being playful and flexible. When it comes to my customers, listening carefully to their needs and wants help me better come up with looks that suit their style and personality.

Getting the basics right and perfecting foundational skills is very important to me – I believe that only by having this foundation, can I really let my creativity shine.

Michael Chiew



My proudest achievement comes from my clients: seeing them happy with the final look gives me all the satisfaction I need. I enjoy being detail-oriented; I'm meticulous about every single little detail of a haircut.

I’m also good at deciphering different types of hair styles, working with all different hair types and textures, while bringing my own unique brand of creativity to my work.

Reno Tan

Creative Stylist


I’ve always loved to challenge myself to bring a twist of the unexpected to any creative work I do. Whenever any creative risk I take produces great results, it gives me a sense of confidence and motivation to keep on pushing myself to greater creative heights.

My inspiration mostly comes from fashion designers and international hairstylists and architects. Looking at the structures, shapes, and the ways they re-interpret classic designs brings me new ideas.


When it comes to my personal style, I love Korean looks. So when I dress up, it’s always something Korean-inspired. Clients who love Korean-inspired fashion or hairstyles can definitely hit me up!

One of my strengths is giving clients the most suitable looks and hairstyles - making sure it works for them on all levels. I am also great at giving tips for easy styling and taking care of their hair at home.

Samuel Sim



My proudest achievement: Winning my client's trust. Even though some may see it as a simple business transaction, cutting someone's hair is really an exchange of confidence. I feel a sense of achievement when customers turn into regular patrons.

I like to help clients change their hair texture - for example, perming and hair straightening can dramatically transform a look. I feel that I’m able to bring these looks to life with ease.