Peter is a veteran with Hairloom, first starting out as Calvin’s apprentice five years ago and then graduating to full-fledged stylist three years later. (As of May 2014 he’s been promoted to a Creative Stylist.) Sometimes seen as an enigmatic figure around the salon, he’s soft-spoken – but once you really get to know him, he can talk up a storm! He lets us know what’s on his mind and why you should consider him the next time you pop by Hairloom.

Tell us about your strengths

  1. Color. I like putting together unique color combinations and playing around with it to come up with something new and exciting. For example, the 3-D color look – instead of just one tone or shade, I like to layer one color over the other to create a more visually appealing and interesting effect.

    Multifaceted purple hair by Peter – Venetia from
  2.  Versatility in cut. I work well with both men & women’s hair and various hair types. I like to create movement in my customer’s hair and to create a talking point for them visually.
  1. His secret skill: head massage abilities. Others wholeheartedly attest to this. He has the right amount of strength and dexterity to let you float away in a state of bliss – people come specially to Hairloom for a wash & blow by Peter’s skilled hands!
Current hair inspiration #1

What he’s looking forward to in the next few years

I would like to travel more. And also take part in more competitions – that’s why I’ll be taking part in the Goldwell ColorZoom 2013 competition – I’m so motivated by my fellow stylist’s Reno’s success. I want to see how far I can go this time round! Although I don’t particularly enjoy the pressure of competitions, I think it’s essential for growth and to push for breakthrough and improvement in my skills – I get to really test my boundaries.

Current Hair Inspiration #2

Where he gets his inspiration

From the people around me – that’s why travelling is so important to me – I get to see all kinds of different things and people I don’t experience in my daily life here in Singapore. Otherwise, magazines, industry magazines and the internet are great places to get inspiration too.

Hair Inspiration #3


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