What’s Now vs What’s Next

Now’s the time to experiment with hair color!

The trend was kicked off in 2010 when pastel colored hues started appearing on the runways:

Proenza Schouler Spring 2010
Proenza Schouler Spring RTW 2010

Despite that being a full three years ago, mint green and lavender is very au courant, very right now. (This tells us how long it really takes for a trend to percolate down to the rest of us!)

Demystifying the look:

Extensive bleaching has to be done so the purple hue can shine through cleanly. The purple dye is applied in gradients (i.e. concentrating near the ends) – and the pastel purple/lavender only really appears after a few washes as the initial color fades naturally. It’s not possible to walk out of the salon with the pastel tone you see in the picture above!

And while the dipdye trend is starting to wane, multi-colored/rainbow colors are still going strong:

Nicole Miller Fall RTW 2013

And, this is one of our favorites in terms of wearability. We know many of you ladies have jobs that don’t necessarily accommodate brightly-colored hair and we get that. So Alexander Wang’s latest hair interpretation for Fall 2013 has us admiring his the two-toned subtlety that is still classy and infinitely office-friendly.

Our senior stylist Peter recommends that you could even leave the outer layer of your hair untouched, while dyeing the inner layer for a peekaboo effect, giving you the flexibility to style it in the way you prefer. This still achieves the two-toned look seen here for that chic, downtown cool look.

What’s Next

So what’s up ahead? Peter recommends a more 3-D look. That is, layering colors to give your hair more dimension to create interest. The blend of colors creates an alluring effect that is much more vivid and unique. As seen on Arissa:

Arissa from monoxious.com - Hair by Peter Lee

Interested in trying these colors out on yourself? Just call us or walk-in for a free consultation. 


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